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Would you believe that YOU can start  a business TODAY, for as little as $19.95?

If you need any of the following, we can help:


- A Job - More Money - Lower Taxes - Purpose In Life - Financial Security - 

- New Career - More Confidence / Self Esteem - More Enjoyment In Life -

- New Friends - Business Contacts - More Motivation -


"The Rich know that EVERYONE should have a Part-Time Business"


We at IPDBIZ have the following goal for all of you:

As a Company that is trying to help individuals overcome the modern day problems that are affecting more than 9 out of every 10 of us, we are very aware that it is getting harder every year, to get by economically for the average person. We see how hard, people are struggling to feed their families on low wage, dead end jobs.

Unfortunately corporate America has been abandoning us in the United States, by off shoring jobs to exploit the humans in other countries, that will work for much less wages!

We have done a lot of soul searching, along with a lot of research into how we can help individuals overcome the financial crisis overtaking America.

Our conclusion? For people to survive the certain economic calamity that is now upon us, Everyone "MUST" start their own part-time business "NOW", but it must have the following criteria:

1. Can be run part-time.           5. Can start for under $100.

2. Can be run from home.        6. Has unlimited potential.

3. Easily learned.                      7. Is not multi-level marketing.

4. Has a support network.        8. Can get tax write-offs.

          - AND NO AUTOMATIC BANK WITHDRAWALS or credit checks -


We at IPDBIZ have created many businesses from scratch. We have first hand knowledge that we want to relay to you for a new and innovative way to make money that is basically risk free!

We all like to see new and innovative ideas being created! What if we could show you, or anyone for that matter, how to start your own home based business that will be involved in developing new products, ideas and businesses's? You do not need any previous experience or skills, we will give you the "Blue Print" to succeed.

Our goal is to help all of you "Jump the fence" by coming over to the other side, create your own ideas that you can profit from. We can help you!

We want to give you the tools and training that will show you how to bring out the Entrepreneur spirit that is in each and everyone of us.

We have developed a unique system (In book form) that will teach you how to start your own business within as little as 24 hours, no matter what your background or financial situation is.

Our unique system can get you started in "YOUR" own business for as low as $19.95. This will be "YOUR" business!

A person that starts their own business, will gain the following:

Confidence, self respect, new purpose in life, additional income, new ideas, new friends, new attitude etc....

We have a vast array of friends that we use as consultants when needed. Listed below are some of their backgrounds:

Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Bankers, CPA, Electrical/Mechanical Engineers and Designers, Plumbers, Electricians, Welders, Sales, Labor relations, Small business owners, Corporate Executives, Pharmaceutical etc...

We need your help to turn this country around, by helping the average person become an Entrepreneur and create new technologies.

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Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to review this site!

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